Auditing and Briefing

Our process of working starts with a step by step auditing and briefing to ensure that the final deliverable website is of top quality. This is done to ensure that the website meets the client’s expectations and simultaneously draw in maximum profitability from it. The steps involved in our auditing and briefing are as follows:


Brainstorming is a double-edged sword as it is often unstructured and unactionable. Having a group of people in a room working on an idea could be a massive success or a tremendous waste of time. So, we ensure that we run a unique method to tap into the most creative ways to ensure the website has the best chance to meet your expectation.

UI and functionality

Once we are through with the audit and briefing as well as the brainstorming part, we can move onto deciding the UI and the other functionalities of the website. UI (Users Interface) and functionality refer to the themes, designs, templates, illustrations, and graphic elements of the product.

Prototype and Userflow

When designing for the website, it is important that we understand users’ end goals. The actions taken over the way to coming up with the final design and User Interface, are known as prototyping and userflow. Here we go from the information outline to the interactive design.

Feedback and deliverables

Emphasizing feedback and deliverables is the key to keeping a project on track as well as on time. Deliverables are the output of a project and help in fulfilling some of the pre-determined criteria discussed or advised before such as meeting any particular aim of the project and avoiding delays in the project.


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